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computer screen for ken englishDo you know what MOJO stands for? It’s not from an Austin Powers movie. It’s not magic or voodoo. It’s an abbreviation for Mobile Journalist. And, it applies to people who generate content for websites and blogs by using the tools of the internet.

Media Mojo is the combination of several aspects of social media. Audio, video, images and text are the building blocks of a social media platform.

Since the goal of an online marketer is to generate traffic to a website or blog, the burden falls on SEO – search engine optimization. How do you optimize a website or blog so that people find you when they use a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or dozens of others? It used be done with meta-tags and keyword-rich text as content. Now, the content includes video, images and audio, along with original, relevant text that best matches the search query.

I began putting video on YouTube in 2006. Since then, I’ve produced more than 1000 videos on nearly a dozen channels.

Video a very important tool to use. You don’t have to shoot and edit motion video to have something on YouTube. It can be accomplished by converting a Powerpoint presentation to a video format. Or, better yet, taking digital images and combining them with some text and audio on a platform called Animoto, then uploading to your YouTube channel.

Recently, I began using a free script that enables an image on a blog or website to a contain several clickable links. Place your mouse on the image of the computer monitor above and you’ll see six links that go to three websites, a YouTube channel, a BlogTalkRadio (BTR) program and a Cinchcast recording.

The BTR link is for a weekly show I do with Dr. Ron Capps, aka the NicheProf. I was telling him about the script today and he encouraged me to share the information. So, in honor of my birthday, I’m giving you a gift.

If you’re interested in learning how you can embed multiple links on an image, take a look at ThingLink. It’s free. It’s easy. And, it will make your images come alive.

If you do set up an account and begin using the script, let me know. I’d like to see what you’re doing with it. You might have an idea you can share with me.

The link on the monitor for MediaMojoGuy is to a site I use to get my mojo going online. You’ll see a variety of posts that feature elements I’m trying to get indexed.

It’s an exciting time. Great opportunity for people who take the time to learn something new, and then take action and do something with the knowledge.

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