Video Banner for Daytona Beach Video Marketing

A video banner is a standard video with one exception, it’s height is less than the standard height. A standard HD video is rendered at 1280×720. A video banner is rendered at 1280×360 or 1280×240, allowing for the video to be placed at the top of a WordPress blog, if you’re using a theme that supports a Header widget. When Uploaded to YouTube, this is the way it displays as 640×360:

Once the OLD EMBED code is copied from the YouTube site and placed into a Header widget, the parameters are modified. This is the same video, with the height changed to 180. It could be set to autoplay and loop, but if there is audio, either music or music and voice, it’s best to NOT autoplay it.

Affiliate Marketing Training Weekend in Atlanta (NAMS9) – (7) 8 to 10 February 2013

[wpe_youtube url=”” width=”600″ height=”450″]

NAMS9 Niche Affiliate Marketing System will take place from (7 optional) 8 to 10 February 2013 in Atlanta, GA. More than 200 people will be there, divided into 4 levels of learning.

Instructors include:

Thursday – 7 February – optional workshops

  • Bob Jenkins
  • Kristen Eckstein
  • Gary Huff
  • Lou Bortone
  • Kurt Scholle
  • Paul Tablman
  • Bob Scardamalia
  • Mynders Glover

Friday – 8 February – beginning of scheduled sessions.

  • Joey Smith
  • Christine Cobb
  • Paul Taubman
  • Regina Smola
  • Kevin Riley
  • Kelly McCausey
  • Nicole Dean
  • Jeff Herring
  • Jack Born
  • Lou Bortone
  • Karon Thackston
  • Mike Stewart
  • Mark Hendricks

Saturday – 9 February – second day

  • Lain Ehmann
  • Connie Ragen Green
  • Ellen Britt
  • Janis Pettit
  • Paul Evans
  • Helen Raptoplous
  • Susanne Myers
  • Cathy Demers
  • David Perdew
  • Bob Jenkins
  • Regina Smola
  • Patricia Stallworth

Sunday – 10 February – final day

  • Marita Parra
  • Geoff Hoff
  • Tina Williams
  • Trish Gilliam
  • Michelle Schoen
  • Daniel Hall
  • Lain Ehmann
  • Joey Smith
  • Tony Laidig
  • Mark Hendricks
  • David Perdew

Monday (optional session)

  • Maritza Parra

For more infomation, NAMS9 – Niche Affiliate Marketing System – Atlanta

The general membership site includes access to previous presentations, such as

  • Nicole Dean – Affiliate Promotions that Work (How to build incentive programs to drive sales)
  • Suzanne Myers – Get More Done In Less Time And Make More Money As An Affiliate Marketer
  • Lou Bortone – How to Maximize Your Video Marketing
  • Mike Stewart – Using Mobile Marketing to Drive Local Sales
  • Connie Ragen Green – Huge Profits with Tiny Lists
  • Tony Laidig – How to Use Public Domain in Ways You Never Knew Possible
  • Kristen Eckstein – Writing Your Book in 3 1/2 Days
  • Phil Hollows – The Importance of Segmenting Your List
  • Kevin Riley – How to Find Hot Profitable Ideas for Blogs and Articles
  • Tony Rockliff – How to Create a Community with More than a Million Members
  • Bob Jenkins – You-Based Affiliate Marketing
  • Regina Smola – How to Bullet Proof Your Blog with Safe Plugins
  • Kathleen Gage – Marketing Your Kindle Ebook
  • Paul Evans – Income Growth Strategies

For more information about the general program, click here: Membership

Halifax Art Festival 2012 – Daytona Beach, FL – Beach Street on 3 November

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Halifax Art Festival is the 2nd oldest continual art festival in the state of Florida. The Halifax Art Festival attracts approximately 30,000 visitors to view the works of over 200 fine artists and artisans from all over the country.

Offering live entertainment, a student art competition, children’s activities, fine dining in many local restaurants and cafes, Halifax Art Festival is a premier annual event in Central Florida.

Net proceeds from the event benefit the Museum of Arts and Sciences, 352 South Nova in Daytona Beach.

Video Banners Create Visual Impact

I’ve been experimenting with widescreen video, like the banner at the top of a YouTube landing page.

Video Banner on YouTube

It requires some adjustments with the setup of a video editor – I’m using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10. The PRO version might yield better resolution, but, for now, I think it’s fine.

The first version of the widescreen process produced banners similar to the one at the top of the page. Gradually, I added images. The pictures in this video banner were taken with a smartphone, so the resolution isn’t as sharp as I’d like, but they work. I could modify the code so the video would autoplay, loop and have hidden controls. Since there is music, I don’t want to have it autoplay.

The next step is to split the screen and improve the resolution of the images.

Do you think video banners are better than static banners?