ABCs of Media Mojo – Presented at IRINFO 2011

Ken English MediaMojoGuyMost businesses recognize the importance of having a website. In the rapidly evolving world of the internet, having a static website is not enough. Today’s websites must be interesting, dynamic and easy to find. There are eleven key elements of social media you can use to get your website noticed.

My presentation @ IRINFO 2011 focused on the four basic building blocks – audio, video, blogs, and micro-blogs – with the emphasis on how you can create a video using only a digital camera and a free video production site called Animoto.

I took a few minutes to establish a timeline because I thought it was important to understand how quickly the internet has evolved, and that it is still evolving.

Think of this timeline as a highway, with each entrance ramp being a specific year. At some point, everyone listening to this presentation drove onto this information highway and become part of the traffic.

Where were you in 1962?

I know, that sounds like a long time ago, but that’s generally accepted to be the year the internet was born as researchers at MIT began to work on a concept to connect computers using the telephone infrastructure that existed at the time. Soon, military applications became evident, and the government entered the picture.

Where were you in 1972?

I ask because that was the year the first email was sent. It was also the year of Watergate, and the attack on Israeli athletes at the Olympics. The average cost of a new house was $27,550. Average income? $11,800. Gas was 55 cents per gallon.

To read the rest of the story and download the PDF, visit: IRINFO 2011


A Tool for Video Production – Several Samples of Animoto Videos

Animoto is an exceptionally easy way to produce a video for online consumption. However, with a little practice, and patience, it can be used to distribute information in an entertaining way. You can add audio, so you can create a soundtrack with an audio editor and upload a mp3 file. Using a voiceover as part of the soundtrack enables you to tell, as well as show, you product or service. By injecting short (10 second max) video clips, you can create a visual combination of digital images and video that is attention grabbing. You can download the video in 240p and 360p (standard), or HD 480p and 720p (pro upgrade). 480p works best on mobile devices, while 720p is fine for full screen on your computer. Maybe not on your 72″ plasma screen.

This video has snippets from Animoto videos produced by the MediaMojoGuy for Dr. Ron Capps (aka Nicheprof), Skeie Auditorium Seating, Ginny Culp, IllinoisIR, Northwest Infrared, United Infrared, Don Silcock’s images of Borobodur, Indonesia and the Peace and Quiet Safari company in Kampala, Uganda.

Add Excitement to Text and Images with Animated Video Backgrounds

Add excitement to your words and images by using an animated video background. If you can work with Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas or other video editing software, you will be able to improve you videos by adding a dynamic background. 150 hiqh quality (720p) and 20 high definition (1920p) animated video backgrounds enable you to improve a home movie or a business presentation! Guaranteed to spice up any ordinary looking videos to Visually Stunning, High Impact videos! Video by the MediaMojoGuy.

Online Marketing Summit – 8 to 10 August 2011 – Miami, Florida (MediaMojoGuy) – OMS Miami returns with a flexible, three-day “Super Regional” format:

Day 1: Online Marketing Boot Camp. Choose from 12 intensive workshops covering the digital marketing essentials, advanced “how to” tactics, social media and more.

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Eco-Adventure Tours Africa: Peace and Quiet Safaris – Kampala, Uganda – Gorilla trekking has become one of the major safari activities in Africa particularly in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) . The mountain gorillas form a corner stone of Uganda’s National tourism industry. The majority of the people who come to Uganda to see gorillas will also have time for other parts of the country. Video by the