Thermal Imaging Conference (IR Education & Networking) from United Infrared in San Diego, CA from 3 to 6 June 2013

Greg Stockton and Peter Hopkins, founders of United Infrared, the world’s largest training and marketing network for certified infrared thermographers, announce their first thermal imaging conference in the Omni Hotel San Diego from 3 to 6 June 2013.

More than 50 educational sessions will be available, ranging for technical infrared imaging to social media. Scheduled speakers include conference co-chairs Greg Stockton and Peter Hopkins, Jim Seffrin, Dr. Robert Madding, Scott Wood, Ben Hixson, Tyler Hixson, Howard Vics, Joanna Robson DVM, Mike DeLeonardo, John Finlayson, Cindy Hawks and Ken English.

Thermal imaging, also known as infrared imaging, is a non-destructive, non-invasive, diagnostic tool with diverse applications ranging from energy and moisture in a building to nerves and muscles in a horse.

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